Organic farming is a production method that enables the production of quality products while preserving natural resources and the environment, respecting the ecosystem and human health, plants and animals. Organic farming is regulated in different countries in the world by laws and regulations and is defined at the international level guidelines of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

Organic farming focuses on the care to fertility and health of the land, that is the foundation around which revolve all activities within the company. Furthermore, the production process is regulated in detail at all stages and provides:
• rules of crop production;
• standards of production;
• rules of preparation and labelling of products.
The rules provide for compliance practices preventive defence that the company must take to the crops and animals (use of local breeds and varieties, crop diversification, seeds and propagating material of biological origin, consociazioni, animal welfare, etc..). Moreover, in all stages of production and preparation is not use any synthetic chemicals and products containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Finally, both during production and processing of the products must be made for the adoption of precautionary measures in order to avoid contamination with indirect environmental products whose use is prohibited.

Companies applying the method of organic farming and who want to allocate their products to market and use its directions on the label must be checked and certified by a qualified certification body that operates independently and according to international standard EN 45011.

Organic farming is a valid model for Food Safety and at the same time to protect the environment. The products obtained by this method of production also represent an opportunity for commercial farms and agro-food being increasingly sought after by consumers and the market.

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