In pursuing the recovery of ancient flavors and tastes of a time, we could not fail in doing PASTA with our cereals, as it was made in 1800. We have chosen to work with a Craftsman Tuscan pasta-maker  to whom we carry the SEMOLATO obtained by grinding stone (at an old Umbrian mill) of our Hard Wheat "Senator Cappelli" and our “Dicoccum” Spelt. This pasta-maker, famous in Italy and abroad, has agreed to create for us the STRACCI and SPAGHETTONI "Cappelli", and PENNE STROZZAPRETI “spelt”, only for the high quality of our wheat and our “dicoccum”.

Our pasta, which is legally defined as “SPECIALITY”, because it’s made of Semolato (which is the most rough grinding and less refined wheat), it is dried at room temperature under 38  Celsius degrees, on Wood frames and cells, for five days, then drawn into molds bronze, just as it was two centuries ago: thus, the flavor of wheat and all the nutrients they contain remain intact.

• 500  gr. Pack.

• SPAGHETTONI of SEMOLATO of Senator Cappelli

• Expiration 36 months

• Dried at temperatures below 38 degrees, on looms and wood cells for 5 days

• Drawn to bronze

• Brown color

• The color is preserved even after cooking, pasta is spicy, intensely scented as a slice of bread baked in wood, fragrant and strong, with a perfect seal cooking; consistency in the mouth is overbearing and uplifting.

• Nutritional values: Kalories 300g.; Proteins 17g.; Total Fat 8 g., Cholesterol 0 g.;Sodium 0 g.; Fiber 4 g.; Carbohidrates 66 g. [glutin included]

• FIRING: For SPAGHETTONI 15-18 min. Pour pasta in abundant boiling salted water (1lt water every 100 gr. Pasta), and then finish the cooking in a pan for about 1 minute.
• Note: For SPAGHETTONI recommend the firing "rised”, that is cooking raw pasta pouring directly into the sauce, which slowly add the boiling water with a ladle, as it does for rice;
• SAUSAGES: garlic, chilli and our extra-virgin olive oil "Priscum", perfume strong and determined by the variety of olives "caninese"; characteristic DRESSINGS of traditional Italian sauce as the sea with every species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, sauce with every kind of meat, from beef to ship, pork, any kind of hunted animals, porcini mushrooms, vegetables, such as eggplant, tomatoes and peppers, and legumes, like beans of every variety and chickpeas.
• Keep away from heat and moisture.


(hard wheat)

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