500 gr wholemeal spelt flour

355/400 gr. water 

12 gr. butter or oil

12 gr. sugar (if not, add more 2gr of  yeast)

17 gr. yeast of beer / or 7 gr. baking powder



For a Kilo of bread


Pour the ingredient in the exact order of the above in a large ceramic dish (like salad bowl, but larger) and begin to handle the mixture gently, until you get a rubbery texture, but not too hard, make a cross on the "ball" of pasta created. Cover the dish with foil transparent and with woolen cloth and let rise in the most warm and dry place of the kitchen. The rise varies according to climatic conditions (the optimal temperature is mild and no humidity), but you have to calculate at least three hours. After the leavening (the mixture should be inflated and the cross wide), choose to cook a whole loaf or divide the dough into rolls, in which case, make smaller balls, shape you want and make rising again for another quarter of hour. The oven must be preheated to 200 ° C, cooking for the loaf is  45 min at 180 ° oven with ventilated and 40 min. 190 ° oven with static; cooking for sandwiches depends on their size, but at least you should calculate half hour at 180 degrees. Even for the oven directions may vary depending on the size of the oven, if it is ventilated or static, if the current is more or less absorption and the type of pan.
NB: If you plan to make of the bread within three days, from yeast dough, you can remove a ball as big as a hand (so said “mother yeast”) that must be stored in a cup covered with transparent film: This yeast is added all'impasto instead of the beer.

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